About Bailey Graphic Worx

Nestled in the foothills of Bailey, Colorado, we are a company focused on drawing attention to you and your business! With over two decades of design experience, we have created a myriad of logos for a number of companies both locally and abroad. Whether your company is just getting started or you're wanting a fresh new look for your existing brand, logo design is our forte.

Being in the design industry for as long as we have, we are plugged into many different avenues of logo application. If you want to drink from it, wear it, stick it to something, mount it to your building, or your company vehicle.



"Josh is an awesome graphic artist and his customer service is excellent! He is very creative and responsive to any and all change requests. You'll be very happy with the art, as well as the service he provides!!"
- Gwen Grant, Brand Agents

"2 thumbs up for Joshua Borstad. (10 if I had them)! He is so creative and has produced many art files for me over the years that I have worked with him. A basic idea gets turned into something that can only come from his knowledge of his "craft". It's not just a job for Joshua, he LIKES what he does and it shows!"
- Kris Grant, Scratch Enterprises, Inc.

"I have had the pleasure of working with Josh Borstad on a number of projects. From graphic logo design, to printing. The guy knows his stuff and his commitment to excellent is unprecedented. I try to send business his way every chance I get, because I know that I or whomever uses him will not be disappointed. Thank you Josh for all the help you have given me in the past and to the future help I will need."
- Todd Kerbs, T.R.U.E. Reps, Inc.

"I have worked with Josh for, I have lost track of the years, perhaps 15? During that time he has excelled in providing me with countless graphic designs going over and above the call of duty so very many times in order to make sure I have the best product possible. Don't know what I would do without him and his skill set. Quite amazing actually. I highly recommend him on every level."
- Rob Byam, Owner, Green Mountain Promotions

"I have worked with many artists in my career. I have found Josh Borstad to be one of the top artists I have worked with for many reasons.

Not only is he talented in his craft, but he is willing to give the customer what he/she needs without any ego.

He works fast as well, which is a money saver for the customer. He has created many top selling designs which has turned a profit for my business. He is extremely motivated, and has even created designs on his own time and then offered them to me, not knowing if I would take them or not.

He is completely responsible and on time, and 100% responsive to emails and calls. Most artists are talented but lack some of the other qualities that Josh has."
- Merle Daniels, satisfied customer

"Josh is extremely good at what he does! He is thorough and produces beautiful artwork quickly. He is interested, engaged and excited to create a lasting brand for me and my customers. I would highly recommend Josh for your graphic design needs. "
- Sara Ryan, Specialty Incentives

"I would highly recommend Josh for your next project! He is so great to work with and doesn't quit or settle until it's just perfect and you have achieved the vison that you once had only in your head! Give him a shot, you won't be disappointed!"
- Mayke Brenna, Northern Montana Textile Services